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Customisable Pet Tags!

Customisable Pet Tags!

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Are you looking for a stylish and practical way to keep your pets safe if they are ever lost?! 🐾
These tags are handmade and completely customisable! Each tag comes with a name on the front and a phone number on the back which is sealed inside the resin!

Each tag will come with a ring to attach the tag to your pets collar!


1. Tag shape/size
2. Name colour and font (please choose 2 vinyl colours if you would like the outline effect) and please specify which colour you would like to be the main name colour and
3. Please choose either a filler (only 1) or a glitter colour and any add on's you desire)

4. Please Choose either a standard silver ring or a gold swivel clasp. (this will be attached to your pets tag)

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